Surviving Hard Summer


HARD Summer kicks off on Saturday for two days of loud music, little clothing, and lots of sweating! Last year was a fucking blast but it was hot as hell, let me tell ya. There are three stages that are covered and air conditioned, yet the best sets are usually at the Hard and Harder stage. Meaning you will be outside in the sun for hours upon end. The venue is different this year so I can’t really compare it to last year.. Anyways, here are some important survival tips, so you make it back on Monday!


THIS HAS TO BE IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. DRINK WATER!! Dehydration is the #1 most common health problem at music festivals. If you show any symptoms (headaches/dizziness/poor concentration/chills), sit down in some shade and drink a ton of water! For your sake, I hope you or someone in your group has a camelbak!!


Take a chill pill…

Here is a taboo topic… drugs. They are extremely common at festivals, so I might as well talk about them. Last year, two young girls died at HARD from ecstasy overdoses. Please be responsible with anything you decide to do. Don’t take your stuff during the day because it will be hot, you will sweat way more than usual, and you will dehydrate… no one wants that to happen!! Be safe and listen to your body!! It is okay to miss one set to rest and recover! I want you all to make it back safely to your homes with smiling faces and tons of memories!


Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!!

I mean this could just be a personal tip because I’m pale as fuck and turn into a lobster faster than you can say watermelon. BUT… no one likes a sunburn!


Don’t forget to eat!

This one should be obvious. Last year, I devoured some cheesy fries because I felt like I was gonna pass out from the small supply of water and blazing sun. Yeah, yeah I should listen to my own advice but this is why I am telling you now! Learn from my mistakes.


Respect each other!

Be nice to the people around you in the crowd and make new friends! Do not fight and do not ruin someone’s moment! One of my biggest pet peeves is when the music is building and building and right as it’s about to drop some people walk through you or push forward to get closer. UGHHH. This is why I’m more of a back-of-the-crowd, room-to-dance kinda girl. You will not catch me smack in the middle of the crowd, no no no.

~ Yay! Now go forth, have a fabulous weekend, and rave your pants off!!! ~

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