Surviving Burning Man

Before you read anything I say, make sure to read the official Burning Man Survival Guide! In fact, MEMORIZE THE SURVIVAL GUIDE. If you don’t heed my advice, I will try my best to summarize the whole thing, but I REALLY RECOMMEND reading it yourself.


  • “If it wasn’t in your body, don’t put it in the potty!”
  • “Leave no trace.”
  • Bring earplugs, but control your sound as well!
  • DO NOT go in the surrounding hot springs. Some are scorching hot, and you will die.
  • Gifting food is beautiful, but if you are serving over 125 people – you need a permit.
  • RESPECT EACH OTHER. Drive slowly, be cautious, and considerate.


Just because Black Rock City is formed, populated, and destructed within a month does not mean the same laws as any other city do not apply.

You are in the state of Nevada. All Nevada laws are set and regulated throughout Black Rock City by BLM and the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office.

Drugs are still illegal. Prescription drugs must be prescribed and in a pharmaceutical bottle. Medical marijuana cards are not federally recognized. Serving alcohol to minors is illegal.

Black Rock City Laws:

  • Possession of weapons is prohibited.
  • Dumping wastewater is illegal.
  • Light your Mutant Vehicle.
  • Use of drones is prohibited.
  • Human waste on the playa results in a hefty fine.
  • Enter and exit through gate.
  • Do not attempt to break through boundaries.
  • Maintain posted speed limits.
  • Hiking through closure zone is discouraged.


Black Rock Rangers are community members that give their time to volunteer at Burning Man to ensure a successful and safe event. They are saints and can be recognized by their khaki attire with the Burning Man logo on their chests, backs, and vehicles.


Burning Man is the largest LNT event in the world. Remove all MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) from Black Rock City when you leave. There are no garbage collection services offered. This means anything you bring in or make into trash must leave with you. Keep Black Rock Desert nice and respect your surroundings.

How to Leave No Trace

  • Remove all excess packaging from everything before you pack it.
  • Don’t bring glass. Cans are much easier to break down.
  • Bring rope to secure everything at camp.
  • Don’t bring loose glitter, feather boas, disposable cups, or anything that can blow in the wind.
  • Don’t bring things that require a lot of water.

Preventing MOOP

  • Never let it hit the ground.
  • Put a weight on it or tie it down.
  • Sort trash and recycling.
  • Carry a small bag to collect MOOP.


Daytime temperatures exceed 100°F while nighttime drops to a near 40°F.

Day Burn

  • Low humidity, so very dry heat.
  • Sunscreen, lip balm, and lotion will be your best friends.
  • Have shade for your camp.
  • One and a half gallons of water per day is recommended.
  • Eat salty foods to prevent electrolyte imbalance.
  • Watch out for signs of dehydration.
    • Headaches, stomach cramps, abdominal pains, constipation, flu-like symptoms, and mood swings.
    • Overheating or a case of the chills under the midday sun.
    • Seek medical attention immediately if you or your friends experience any of these symptoms.

Night Burn

  • Warm clothing.
  • Light yourself up.
  • Drink water.
  • Stay warm.


  • Seek immediate shelter.
  • Put on your goggles.
  • If you are not by a shelter, cover your face with a shirt or dust mask.
  • Be alert.
  • If you are driving, stop until the dust clears.


  • Do not drive.
  • Do not ride your bike.
  • Wait it out.

*Everything listed above has been taken directly from the Burning Man Survival Guide. For more details on anything written, click any of the links above!*


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