Outside Lands 2016: Who to Watch

FullSizeRender 2110. Snakehips

Snakehips and Chance the Rapper are on the same day which may possibly mean Chance comes out for “All My Friends” ?? This is just a guess that would be really cool, so check out Snakehips on Sunday because you wouldn’t want to miss that happen. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go to their Spotify or youtube and it will be the first song that pops up. Or you could listen to them along with other artists that will be at Outside Lands here!!

FullSizeRender 149. Third Eye Blind

Every 90s kid’s dream!! Their songs been featured in fantastic 90s and early 2000’s movies and sung by Jim Carrey in Yes Man, and you will be able to sing along to every one! Remember when AC/DC headlined Coachella and your 50 year old father wanted to join you at the festival… Well I feel as if Third Eye Blind is the equivalent for millennials. Stay back teenagers and anyone born before 1980. Just kidding, come join in on the fun! (Note: I was excited for AC/DC to headline too)

FullSizeRender 188. Miike Snow

I’ve been listening to Miike Snow for years, and I just discovered it is a trio and not just one guy. I’m a little bit embarrassed. Oh well, the more you know. Anyways, Miike Snow’s most popular song of the moment is “Genghis Khan” You may have heard the remix by Louis the Child. Either way, both versions are great. This group is defined as indie electro-pop and their Swedish! (so am I, ehhh) Check them out before Outside Lands and be sure to swing by their set on Friday!

FullSizeRender 157. RÜFÜS DU SOL

I’m so excited to FINALLY see RÜFÜS DU SOL!!! I would describe their sound as euphoric electronic dance music, idk. Similar to Odesza, Flume, and What So Not, RÜFÜS DU SOL will have you on your feet movin’ and groovin’ until Major Lazer comes on. They are scheduled right before Major Lazer and overlap a teeny bit on Sunday, so you can catch my sprinting from stage to stage.



FullSizeRender 206. Years & Years

Another one I am v excited for. “King,” “Eyes Shut,” and “Desire” are just a few of his great songs. They formed in 2010 and blew up across the pond in 2013. I would say last year is when they became really popular in the United States.




FullSizeRender 135. St. Lucia

If you like Atlas Genius, CHVRCHES, or Saint Motel, you will love St. Lucia! They have opened for Charli XCX and Ellie Goulding. Some of my personal favorites are “Dancing on Glass,” “Elevate,” “All Eyes on You,” and “Help Me Run Away.” Another band to watch at Outside Lands and has a similar St. Lucia vibe is Ra Ra Riot!



FullSizeRender 124. Chance the Rapper

Okay. So here’s the deal. Chance the Rapper and Griz are scheduled for the same time… I have to see Chance but I LOVE Griz. Everyone should know of Chance the Rapper, so idk how much detail to get into here. Go listen to his new album Coloring Book, available everywhere. His old stuff is great as well. Honestly, I just cannot stop thinking of this fucking scheduling conflict UGH.


FullSizeRender 173. GRiZ

So.. idk if I have already seen GRiZ or not.. How do you not remember if you have seen him? Well, he was at Lightning in a Bottle and I didn’t really know who he was at the time. Not to mention, at LIB we tended to drift to whichever stage the music sounded best and had no concept of time which led me to miss Flume! FLUME. All in all, I may have actually seen his set and loved it but didn’t know it was him. Does that make sense? Anyways… GRiZ uses elements from jazz, hip-hop, and soul infused with EDM to create a funky energetic electric vibe!

FullSizeRender 112. J. Cole

AHHHH! J. Cole was so fucking amazing at Pemberton!! *sees J. Cole twice in the matter of two weeks* I AM STOKED. Do not choose LCD Soundsystem over J. Cole. Actually do whatever you want, but J. Cole was just so so so good.




FullSizeRender 191. Major Lazer and Zedd

I got the lowdown from Major Lazer’s HARD Summer set. My friend said it was the second best set she has ever seen — The Chainsmokers at Coachella was the best ever for her. Major Lazer tweaks their set every time, so you can see them at every festival and it will always be slightly different! Many artists feature in their songs (Justin Beiber being the most recent) so there is always a possibility of them bringing out guests!


FullSizeRender 16Zedd is tied with Major Lazer as #1 because I had to put Zedd on the list, and I couldn’t decide who to remove and a list of 11 just didn’t seem right. Logic? Oh well. I have heard Zedd is really really good, so hopefully he kills it at Outside Lands too!






Others: Radiohead, Lionel Richie, Lana Del Rey, Beach House, Miguel, Halsey, Big Grams, Duran Duran, Beach House, Grimes, Thomas Jack, Foals, Jauz, Polica, Oh Wonder, Ra Ra Riot, Lapsley, The Wombats, Haelos


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