My Weekend at Snowglobe: Bryan Becker

SnowGlobe is a quickly growing New Year’s Eve music festival that takes place in South Lake Tahoe, California. Year after year SnowGlobe continues to pull huge artists and even bigger crowds. You are partying in the forest backyard of South Lake Tahoe. It is such a beautiful venue; no matter where you look you are in a snow covered forest that looks something like a fairytale. The vibe is magnetic as people gather to rage into the new year and forget all the worries of 2016. The only downfall is that it is fucking COLD, but there is something about witnessing a sea of people in full-blown snow gear that warms your heart. It gives off a completely different but positive vibe. You will pass a guy dressed in snowboarding gear from head to toe and a girl still showing her boobs in just a bra peeking through an unzipped pajama onesie (remember hoes don’t get cold).

Day 1
  • The Chainsmokers literally melted my face and straight to Flume closing out the night. Flume is just magical himself but add a beautiful setting; how could you go wrong?
Day 2
  • The second day had the best highlights. Big Gigantic which was one of my favorites of the weekend and Major Lazer brought their great vibes and African beats which was a great way to end the second day.
Day 3
  • The third day may have been my favorite of all. It was a great time with such immense energy all around. People were there to ring in the new year and kick off 2017 with good vibes. Snow Sessions was one of the first sets of the night. For me, it was a high school throwback including Andre Nicatina, Yukamouth, and Traxamillion. They were all the music blared at high school parties. Bauer, like always, was a great time then we went to Illenium. He brought it with either headbanger dubstep or vibey “porter robinson” style music. It was such a beautiful show. It also helped that the stage was set in between all the trees.


Odesza closed out the festival and brought in 2017. This was my first time seeing them and also the best set of the weekend. It was amazing. They had a drum line and excellent visuals. I was getting chills the whole set, not just from being freezing cold, but from the incredible show that they were putting on. The new year was brought in with a beat drop, they timed it perfectly to their remix of Hayden James “Something About You.” They spoke of how important it is to bring in the positive vibes and to have a great 2017 then followed the beat drop and the sky was lit up with fireworks in the first few seconds of the new year. It was truly breathtaking. Also, it helped that “Something About You” is one of my favorite Odesza songs. Hearing “Say my Name” live exceeded expectations. Odesza brought all the stops. From their drum lines and live instruments to their jaw-dropping visuals, it truly was the cherry on top of such a memorable weekend. SnowGlobe’s music never disappoints and they keep dropping fire lineups. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them.

The Downsides of SnowGlobe

  • The biggest negative is the freezing weather. You cannot escape the cold. You can be fully covered but still be freezing.
  • The snow packed ground makes it hard to dance to your full potential because it is more like dancing on an ice rink.
  • With the increasing numbers of the crowd, the festival is beginning to outgrow its venue. Going from one stage to the other is difficult because you are constantly in a crowd and having to weave through people. The venue is small but gorgeous due to how it feels like you are actually in a snowglobe. It was breathtaking at times.  
  • The second biggest stage was awkwardly placed in between trees, so if you were not in the main part of the crowd you had a tree blocking you. Everyone is so bulky and not budging so it is easier to just watch from the back.
  • The speakers could be louder at the main stage, like three times louder, I want to hear the music not the person behind me having a conversation in a normal tone. I want the music to drown it out.

Other than that, SnowGlobe is a solid festival with a great line up.My home is Coachella and will always be, but SnowGlobe has a very special place in my heart. It is such a fun festival with such great vibes and the common theme of leaving all the negativity in the past and focusing on the positivity of what is ahead so for that, thank you Snowglobe.  


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