My Weekend at Outside Lands!

Outside Lands 2016

Oh Outside Lands… I had such high expectations for you. First things first, Outside Lands was a lot of fun because no matter the downfalls, festivals will always be a great time. However, I noticed many production mistakes and there were many other things I would change. I will go through my weekend day by day and include the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Note: These are all personal complaints, and I do not know the rules and guidelines Outside Lands has to follow.

Day 1:


Parking was an absolute bitch. I expected this from San Francisco, but holy shit. We made our way into the festival around 1pm when LANY was performing. One great thing I noticed about OSL was the short lines to enter. Even though you had to walk a ways to get to the entrance, there was no waiting three hours for security checks or anything like that. Quick and to the point. A++

Friday’s lineup was the least exciting. I barely walked around to get to know the layout– which was extremely confusing, let me tell you. Walking from stage to stage seemed to take days. The worst part about walking was the lack of music. It was quiet until you were standing directly behind the speakers.

All in all, we saw LANY, Ra Ra Riot, St. Lucia, TOKiMONSTA, Miike Snow, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Thomas Jack, Duran Duran, Nathaniel Rateliff, Beach House, and my lover, J. Cole! J. Cole and Thomas Jack being the best two of the day with Duran Duran and Miike Snow following them for second.


Day 2:

We started out the second day with a pop-up Jauz set at Gastromagic! They were having a cocktail-making/chocolate show simultaneously! After Jauz, we made our way to Years & Years (greatest performance of the entire weekend) where we danced our little hearts out and everyone else gave us dirty looks because NO ONE DANCES THERE. Literally.

As we were making our way to Jauz’ actual set, we got separated from everyone because the port-a-potty lines were so fucking long. Through the sea of denim, burgundy, and forest green, losing someone was much easier than expected. When we got to Twin Peaks, we immediately noticed Jauz was INCREDIBLY FUCKING QUIET. We stood directly beneath a speaker and could have a full conversation, might as well get me a cup of coffee while I’m at it! It was basically background music. Although the sound sucked, Jauz still played his best set ever – better than Hard Summer 2015!!!! (anxiously waiting it’s release online)

In the words of Breanna Wexler, Halsey looks like a blonde Rihanna. Some thought she was lip-syncing, some thought she looked bored, others were just swaying along to the music. Unfortunately, she did not play the new Chainsmokers song. I had small hopes she would.

After Halsey, we were anxiously awaiting Zedd’s arrival. Yet again, I was very disappointed with the sound quality.. The visuals were beautiful, Zedd looked happy as can be, and the set was very good, but it was SO QUIET. What is up with that Outside Lands?? Not everyone wants to be packed in like sardines at the front just to be able to hear the fucking music. At any festival, people should be able to stand more towards the back and still have the same amount as fun!! Ugh.

Day 3:

On this day, we arrived pretty late to the festival. We were able to catch GRiZ, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Major Lazer, a little bit of Lionel Richie, and Lana Del Rey.

I missed Chance the Rapper for GRiZ, and I am so glad I did because GRiZ was AMAZING!! The crowd was small so we were able to get really close up without being punched in the face. Everybody was dancing and having a great time. The sun was shining for the first time, and the music was finally loud!

RÜFÜS DU SOL would have been amazing if it wasn’t so extremely packed… I could barely hear any of it as well. Typical. Major Lazer absolutely killed it though!!

Lionel Richie and Lana ended the weekend. Lionel was at Land’s End, the biggest stage, which was bad planning because everyone and their mom was at Lana. She was at Twin Peaks which is such a horribly small cramped stage in the first place so all of the festival being there made it a thousand times worse… It was strange how Outside Lands ended the weekend with such mellow acts, but I guess it’s a strategic move so people aren’t rouled up leaving the festival causing a ruckus. We were just laying on the hill during Lana since there was no chance we would be able to see her, and I almost fell asleep but she sounded incredible.

~ There were tons of stand-out people I saw being themselves with flowers in their hair, burritos in their hands, and coordinated group outfits. Below is a few of them that I awkwardly stopped to ask for a picture! Love the looks! ~


  • Lineup was good.
  • Artists seemed happy to be there.
  • Food was amazing.
  • Park was beautiful with the lights in the trees.
  • No long entrance lines.
  • Staff was nice and helpful.
  • Water refill stations.
  • Many other activities.


  • Everything was expensive.
  • Weather was cold and foggy.
  • Speakers were terrible.
  • Crowd was boring.
  • Port-a-potty lines were long.
  • Layout was confusing.
  • Poorly planned artists at certain stages.
  • Parking.
  • Festival ends early.
  • Trash was everywhere, implement more trash cans.

Conclusion: I probably will not attend Outside Lands again, unless the lineup is impeccable or I am 38 years old.

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