My Weekend at Coachella

Hello to whoever reads this post. Yes, Coachella was two weekends ago. Yes, the Coachella cold hit me like a frickin bus. Yes, I still have dust in my lungs. Yes, I have delayed my review. But hey, here it is! Hope you enjoy. -Casey

Day 0:

After coming face to face with a swarm of the largest flying demon bugs in a small middle of nowhere town at 2am, we arrived bright and early in Indio at 6am prior to the camping lots opening. Contrary to popular belief, our car did not have to get strip searched nor did we have to get out of cars. However, some cars were still torn apart which sucks.

Got to Lot 8. Set up camp. Walked around. Sat under any shade we could find and went into the Antarctic multiple times just for the AC. It was a hot ass day, let me tell ya.

BTW, the Antarctic was a huge white dome filled with bean bags and a 360 screen that had a moving art installation. Super cool, super dope!

When the sun went down, the drinks came out. Our fabulous neighbors invited us to play multiple rounds of Rage Cage, Flip Cup, and Beer Pong tournaments before we headed to Silent Disco where the lines were long and the music was not so silent.

Somehow all my friends and I managed to sneak past the line and wiggle our way in, danced our butts off, then went back to camp anticipating day one!

Day 1:

As the blazing sun baked our tent and woke us from our slumber, Day 1 had finally begun. We started putting on our pre-planned outfits and dousing our bodies in glitter and paint.

Heading into the festival, any bags you had got torn inside out, and they threw away anything against the rules like my tiny aerosol can sunscreen (which ya girl desperately needs). However, you were not patted down, you just had to walk through a metal detector, and you were good to go!

First things first, find the closest water station and fill up the Camelbaks. Unfortunately, there were not many of them and everyone had the same idea.

PRO TIP: Fill your water with the sinks in the bathrooms by the Do Lab!! You never have to wait, the water is just as good and semi-cold, and YOU NEVER HAVE TO WAIT.

Off to the Sahara tent to catch SNBRN, Kungs, and Big Gigantic. SNBRN and Kungs being two of my favs from the weekend due to the lack of crowd, dance circles created, and surrounding friends. It was hot and the Sahara tent quickly filled up as Big Gigantic began. He played a much harder set compared to his funk-filled Pemby set and brought out Flosstradamus which was pretty sick. However, it was so packed and so so hot that I had to peace out and start making my way to Glass Animals.

As always, Glass Animals was the fire. They sound as if you clicked play on Spotify. Then we walked to Oh Wonder whom are so so cute. Afterwards, we split up and half went to Travis Scott while my friend and I went to the XX where we had time to sit down and relax for a little bit.

Unfortunately, Empire of the Sun was in the Sahara tent which was so extremely packed that we had to watch from the outskirts. I definitely have to drop some money on an actual Empire of the Sun concert in the future for the full experience. We ended the night head-banging to Dillon Francis.

Day 2:

If you are still reading, hello and welcome to day 2! I’ll try to make it as concise as possible. As we stepped inside, we checked out the Sonora tent for the AC, grooved in the Yuma tent, and bought an ice cold $9 lemonade that tasted more like sugar water than Minute Maid.

In order, we saw Local Natives, a little bit of Kaleo, Gryffin, Two Door Cinema Club, Future, Martin Garrix (we tried at least), DJ Snake, Future, and Lady Gaga. In between sets, we shook it up in the Do Lab.

Seeing Two Door live was living out my freshman year of high school dreams. I sang and danced along to every song. Beautiful, wonderful, 10/10.

Martin Garrix was in the Sahara tent where the all the attendees decided to go, so we went to DJ Snake at the Outdoor Stage. Bless the Coachella Stage and the Outdoor Stage!

Dear Coachella,

If you’re gonna sell 25,000 more tickets, you have to expand the Sahara tent!

Sincerely, girl that doesn’t want to be packed like sardines but still wants the experience.

I’m sorry Bey Hive, but Lady Gaga was absolutely amazing and deserves the praise for killing it over the “no one can replace Beyoncé” backlash. You go girl.

Day 3:

Oh the last day blues… everyone is exhausted, no one has more than 40% battery because their portable power chargers died, the charging stations take an hour to get from 5% to 10%, and people are trying to drink past their hangover in order to continue.

We decided to take the opportunity before Grouplove to have a photo excursion. As we sat under the dinosaur/unicorn/piñata things, we watched all the photo shoots go down preparing for our chance to get the perfect Instagram moment. They don’t call it the most Instagramable festival for nothing ladies!

Here’s an honest look at behind-the-scenes Instagram photos:

We made plans for a unique, fun, candid picture and watched other girls smile, fake laugh, and twirl to get that winning photo. Finally, we worked up the courage to stand in front of everyone and ask a random girl to take a picture of us. Due to us being so awkwardly extra, we ended up with this:

Panic ensued as the girl taking our photo was getting antsy, so we gave up and sat back down to develop a new plan. This time we enlisted back-up and called a friend to take our pictures since we couldn’t ask another random girl to deal with us. By now, we have ended up with this:

After this whole scene, we gave up and headed over to Grouplove. Here we witnessed how everyone gets that perfect shot. We watched a professional Instagram girl make her boyfriend take hundreds of pictures of her twirling through the crowd and as soon as she got it, they left. THEY LEFT. Instagram is all a facade, let me tell ya.

Back to the music, PORTER AND MADEON MADE ME CRY PER USUAL. The sunset, the openness of left main stage, the music, the visuals… everything was just absolutely perfect and to that, I say, good job Coachella.

After the perfectness of Porter, chaos ensued. We went to “check out” Hans Zimmer because a 200-person orchestra sounds pretty interesting; however, everyone at the festival had the same idea. Not to mention, the wind was blowing so hard that I actually felt as if we were in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy was caught in the tornado and some heavy orchestra music is playing to set the scene. It was wild, and honestly it was pretty terrible. Sorry!

Sadly, Galantis was even more packed the Martin Garrix, so we had to skip out on them. Then we went to Jai Wolf who is incredible but just didn’t have the umph we were craving. We ended up wandering from stage to stage catching a little bit of Jai Wolf, walking by the tease of Galantis, hearing Lorde from main stage, checking out the Do Lab, and hitting up Justice as well. Definitely got my steps in this day.

By this time, we made our way to Kendrick. Kendrick is great, but we were in the back which was oddly quiet considering we were in the back for Future too but we could hear him clearly. Here’s my personal opinion on LIVE rap: First off, I need them to stop talking so much. Also when he stops for people to sing a full lyric, people either don’t sing or know the words (unless they are in the front) and then there’s just an awkward silence until he starts up again. Needless to say, we ended up going to What So Not which I know “Why would you miss Kendrick?!” I tried!

Also, I’m very upset I missed all the Do Lab surprises!! Skrillex! RÜFÜS DU SOL! Ahh, kill me!


Coachella was great, super fun, and the lineup was incredible! The crowd is pretty boujee, obsessed with their appearance, don’t really dance, but there are some fantastic, beautiful people in the mix as well. The Sahara tent NEEDS to be bigger, but all the other stages are stellar. Would I go back? Probably not, but definitely stoked I went! However, my mind always changes.

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