The Ultimate Guide to Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful 2016 Photo by Unxommon

The Basics

Location: Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: September 22-24, 2017

Price: 3 day GA – $285 | VIP – $655  (+ taxes and fees)

Camping: No

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Rap, Rock, etc.

What to Expect

Life is Beautiful is in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. The city never sleeps and neither do the masterminds behind the festival, Insomniac. The stages are strategically placed around all the hotels and other existing buildings, and the festival is spread throughout 18 blocks of the downtown area. Bring your walking shoes. It is an immersive experience for the artists, the foodies, and the music lovers.

Where to Stay

You are in Las Vegas. Your hotel options are endless. Life is Beautiful partners with Hotels for Hope to accommodate anyone’s budgets and preferences while donating profits to Project 150. I would recommend staying in a hotel downtown, so you are fully immersed in the festival experience and you don’t have to deal with shuttles, parking, or other means of getting there. If you are looking to visit the day and nightclubs during your trip, find a spot on the Strip. Either way, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

What to Wear

Trends change all the time, but Life is Beautiful is an incredibly trendy festival. For women of 2016, it was all about the chokers, bodysuits, shorts, and booties. Whatever your style may be, Life is Beautiful is a fashion destination. Become a trend setter or follow the trends already in place. Men, dress nice too.


This is where Life is Beautiful thrives. They announce an amazing lineup every year with a multitude of genres to fit everyone’s taste. From Third Eye Blind to Major Lazer to J. Cole, there is something for every individual in attendance. The only problem with an incredible lineup is the amount of scheduling conflicts and cutthroat decisions that have to be made. Major Lazer or Duke Dumont?


Foodies… This is the festival for you. Life is Beautiful brings hundreds of local restaurants, chefs, and beverage connoisseurs together to create their Culinary Village. That’s right. There is a whole village in the festival meant to satisfy your tastebuds. Don’t forget the cocktails!


Murals line the exterior walls of the hotels. If you are in town before the festival, you can watch the talented artists paint the walls right before your eyes. You can become an artist with the many interactive art installations set up. Many of these art pieces live beyond the festival and are scattered throughout the downtown area. I went to the very first Life is Beautiful in 2013, and my metal heart is still downtown by the Container Park. Art Cars aren’t just at Burning Man either. From stage to stage, you can see these Art Cars blasting music and even hosting their own DJ sets. Between sets, be sure to check out the art!


Along with the art, food, and music, there are plenty of other things to do at Life is Beautiful.

  • Learning: There are many opportunities to broaden your horizons by checking out the list of powerful, inspiring speakers brought to Life is Beautiful.
  • Comedy: Ready to laugh? There is always an array of famous comedians to get you giggling.
  • Fremont Street Experience: Just a walk away, you can fully immerse yourself in the Fremont Street Experience with the visual show overhead, restaurants and bars along the sides, and zip lining through the crowd.


There are four stages. The Downtown Stage is where most of the headliners perform. There is a ferris wheel with an amazing view of the Las Vegas skyline. The Ambassador Stage lays the ground for headliners as well. It is loud. The Huntridge Stage is the smallest of the four and hosts the artists that you might not know but shouldn’t miss. The Troubadour Stage is Insomniac’s baby and resembles EDC by hosting all the EDM acts with heart-trembling bass and bright lights.


Keep track of your phone! Hundreds of people got their phones stolen out of their pockets, purses, and any other crevice pick-pocketers could get their hands in. Metro police even stated that this is the most petty theft crimes they have witnessed.

Don’t drink too much. Yes, the cocktails are delicious and the beer is plentiful, but you don’t want to end up face down in a port-a-potty. Know your limits, so you won’t miss any of the fabulous music or at least so you remember it!

Attendee Reviews

MB, 20

Favorite Set: Flume

“My weekend at Life is Beautiful was nothing short of awesome. The venue was on the streets of downtown Las Vegas which was unique and honestly a huge convenience when it came to meeting up with people, because the corner of Fremont and 8th is a much more accurate representation of your location than “some food truck near main stage”. The lineup was stacked which I didn’t even realize or appreciate until I was there and saw like 4 of my favorite people in a row and the art was awesome even though I didn’t see as much of it as I would have liked. There was never a wait to get in and the festival was ran really well. The only negative thing was the theft. A ton of people I knew got their wallets or phones stolen which is a huge buzz kill and makes communicating with them actually impossible, other than that I had a great time. 10/10 would recommend.”

Ayanna, 20

Favorite Set: Spag Hetti & Flume

“Life is Beautiful was definitely one of the best festivals I’ve attended in 2016! The set up, the weather, the amazing food, and every DJ that I saw was incredible. I started the first day with Aaron Jackson who has a groovy mix of the song ‘Poison’ (everyone should listen to) and ending the night with Zhu left me super excited for the next day. Day two was stacked with so many of my favorite artist & DJs gluing me to the Troubadour stage when I wasn’t sampling the delicious food. My favorite was the Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Tacos from Garden Grill. I had a VIP wristband and the VIP section had so much more room to roam around, yet I didn’t really like how there was no real perks to having it. Day three was my absolute favorite, seeing Mija for the fourth time rocked my entire world! Flume and Major Lazer were the best way to end the weekend. After, the staff was giving out free water bottles which was super cool. Nearly everyone I know got their phones stolen, it made me nervous to even take it out the last day but this weekend was definitely one for the books!”

Past Lineups

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