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No, I did not attend Hard Summer… I got my fix in 2015 and you most likely won’t catch me there again. However, others continue to go back and I got their reviews of HARD Summer 2016. What did they think? Would they go again? Do you agree? Check out their thoughts and comment your own below! PS: Thank you friends for giving me your reviews!

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Jeanique, 20

Festivals: FYF Fest 2015, Life is Beautiful 2015, Coachella 2016, HARD Summer 2014/2016


“Kaytranada was my favorite set and Porter killed it with an amazing production! The highs of the festival would be the cheap price for a good lineup, 2 day length since it was a shitty festival, free parking, minimal dust and dirt, friendly cops, and that water bottles were sold throughout the crowd and not just at booths. The lows were definitely the layout and security. The venue was terrible and the stages took forever to walk back and forth. The absolute worst part was the long line to get in. We stood in line for over two hours and missed sets in the process!! Security hardly checked for anything, so why were the lines so long?? Not to mention, Day 1 only had one exit. The festival was mainly during the day, so the heat was unbearable. Several deaths happened and tons of people were passing out in crowds. Compared to HARD 2014, the venue and lineup were better.”

Would you attend again?

“Absolutely not.”

IMG_5789Monica, 20

Festivals: Beyond Wonderland Bay Area 2015, Snowglobe 2015, Coachella 2016, EDC 2016, HARD Summer 2016

Favorite DJ: The Chainsmokers

“Have you ever gone out and had a really wild night where you don’t remember anything, you lose your wallet and your phone, all your friends are mad at you, but you still feel like you had a lot of fun? That’s kind of like HARD summer; the conditions were awful, but it’s still fun because, well, what music festival isn’t?

Artists don’t come to HARD to fuck around, they play great sets and show the crowd a good time, and in the end that’s all that really matters. I can genuinely say I did not see one set that was less than fantastic and after a weekend of head banging and getting funky at sets like Kill the Noise and Malaa, Major Lazer closed out Sunday with a set that I now consider to be the second best set I’ve ever been to. Other standouts of the weekend were Slushii, who threw down for his first time playing a festival and Herobust who ended Day 1 with a set so good that I can still feel it in my stomach.

The festival itself was garbage. From the venue to the event staff I’m gonna have to rate it 0/10, and I don’t think you could find a lot of people that would disagree with me. This year HARD Summer colonized on a speedway and used that space in the worst way possible. After leaving Louis the Child at the purple stage to get to Slushii in the green tent, it was a thirty minute walk, and don’t think I wasn’t hustling. If you want to know just why it took that long it’s because the green stage was OUTSIDE the venue. I’m also not quite sure why Destructo couldn’t have put some more money into the set up and design of the stages, which were significantly less than thrilling, and the festival in general when he has so much money saved up from not hiring any staff. There was no one working this festival. No one directing traffic, no one helping festival goers inside, no one helping fill waters at water stations, no one. Quite possibly the worst part of the festival was getting caught in hours of traffic leaving the festival. I’m talking worse than EDC traffic. People were getting chairs and pillows out of their cars and napping in the parking lot traffic. After Day 2 it took us over two hours to simply back out of our parking spot because of the congestion. As if getting out of the festival wasn’t a big enough problem, it took almost two hours to enter the festival due to the back up of the lines. It didn’t help that security was trying to get through people so quickly that I was not checked at all; this seems like it could have been a huge contributing factor to the multiple deaths that sadly took place this year, even after there were multiple deaths at last years HARD Summer.”

Would you attend again?

“It’s not easy for me to say I will never return because of how many great artists HARD is able to book, but the chances are slim to none. For their own benefit, however, and the safety of the crowd in years to come, I really do hope HARD Summer gets their shit together.”

image1Tyler, 21

Festivals: Snowglobe 2014, Coachella 2015/2016, Bottleneck 2016, HARD Summer 2015/2016

Favorite DJ: RL Grime

“My favorite set of the weekend was a toss-up between Flosstradamus and Ekali. They both went so hard and my group and I had an amazing time. One of the most annoying things to me was that the stages were all so far from each other. It was inconvenient to walk to a different stage, and it seemed to take forever. Another thing that was annoying to me was that the lines were so damn long to get into the venue that we missed at least 2 sets that we really wanted to see! Other than these two things I had an amazing time at HARD and I loved every second of it.”

Would you attend again? 

“If the lineup was good enough.”

IMG_1489Kayla, 20

Festivals: EDC 2015/2016, HARD Summer 2016

Favorite DJ: Dillon Francis

“Major Lazer and Dillon Francis were my absolute favorite. During Dillon Francis, we were dancing and all of a sudden, my friend gets hit in the head with the front half of Gerald!! We were holding it up in the air, pumped as fuck, then some little ginger man stole him!! Still got a picture though. Standing in line to get in everyday was the most horrible moment of the weekend. You had to wait in the blistering sun for over two hours without any water or shade, so people were basically passing out before we were even in the venue. On top of that, the first water station was so far from the entrance that it took about 15 minutes to walk there. I also noticed undercover cops in the crowd looking for any sign of drugs which led to people getting arrested left and right.”

Would you attend again?

“It would have to be a really good lineup.”

IMG_8180Christian, 20

Festivals: Coachella 2015/2016, Life is Beautiful 2014/2015, EDC 2015, Rock in Rio Las Vegas 2015

Favorite DJ: DJ Jazzy Jeff

“Dillon Francis was my favorite of the weekend. He always has one of the most entertaining sets. His visuals are insane and he always makes his crowd laugh. My favorite moment was finally getting through the 2 hour security line and walking into the venue. The festival itself was extremely unorganized and unprepared. From the set up of the stages, entrances, and exits, there was no proper flow. Odds are is you weren’t physically standing at a stage watching a set, you were having a bad time.”

Would you attend again?

“I wouldn’t go to any festival at the Fontana Auto Speedway again.”

IMG_8180Adam, 20

Festivals: EDC 2015/2016, Beyond Wonderland 2016, Coachella 2016, Life is Beautiful 2014/2016, HARD Summer 2015/2016, Decadence Arizona 2015

Favorite DJ: Zedd

“HARD Summer 2016 was the most unorganized festival I have ever been to and one of the biggest disappointments of my summer. The lineup was stacked and even though most of the sets were great it still couldn’t make up for the rest of the weekend. In my opinion, day 1 had a much better lineup. I ventured to the purple stage to see Louis the Child and was extremely annoyed at how the whole left area near the soundcheck was reserved for VIP, causing a cluster fuck of people trying to maneuver through my group for the entire set. After that we took a trip over to the green stage which wasn’t even inside the fucking speedway. After seeing multiple people get carried out and most of my friends falling over from heat exhaustion, we had to leave Slushii’s set after 15 minutes. The worst part was trying to get back into the speedway because of the genius idea of having only one entrance back in through an opening no wider than 4 ft. Getting back in took at least another half an hour. Luckily for me, Madeon and Pretty Lights came to save the day and both had an amazing set. I’ll skip most of my review of day 2 and just say after waiting two hours to get through  security, they didn’t even open my camelback which pissed me off more than anything because at that point they didn’t even care about security – they were just being pricks about letting everyone in. I arrived at 2:30 and managed to miss all of Jai Wolf’s set which ended at 4:55 so on that note, I think most people can understand my frustration.”

Would you attend again?

“Let’s just say, if HARD summer makes it to it’s 10th year anniversary I will definitely not be there to celebrate it.”

IMG_0916Brian, 21

Festivals: OMFG 2015, Beyond 2016, HARD Summer 2016

Favorite DJ: Porter Robinson

“Hard Summer was the greatest experience that I’d never like to do again. Dillon Francis and Porter got the crowds going nuts, but the 3 hour security line, last minute cancellations, and hour long lines for water were a real turn off. Favorite sets with my least favorite conditions.”

Would you attend again?

“Noo, never again.”

FullSizeRender-13Jamie, 21

Festivals: HARD Summer 2015/2016

Favorite DJ: Flume

“I was fortunate enough to attend Hard Summer for the second time around this year, and although I had my concerns of one upping last years performances, it did not disappoint to say the least. Some of my favorite sets were Porter Robinson, Ice Cube, Zeds Dead, and Jai Wolf. Porter killed it as always with his visuals and Ice Cube really knew how to put on a killer performance. The venue this year at the Auto Club Speedway was much better than the last and had easy access to just about everything and even included a VIP pool area along with water courses throughout for those who needed to cool off.

The absolute best part of this years festival that separates it from years past was that they offered camping! I obviously wanted the full experience so my friends and I all caravanned with about 7 cars and were able to camp together which made the whole experience better because I couldn’t have imagined going with a better group of people. “Camp Hard” offered easy access to and from the venue all day long, had a variety of food trucks, fun games, and activities throughout the night which included glow-in-the-dark dodgeball, silent disco, and much more. It was my first time experiencing silent disco and I’d have to say that although the festival may have been over for the day, we all had silent disco to look forward to later that night. The only critique I have of the festival is that it doesn’t go on longer! It starts fairly early in the morning when the temperature is at its high and ends waaaay too early at 11pm. Overall I came away from Hard Summer 2016 tan as hell, closer to my friends as ever before, and with countless new memories that I will never forget!”

Would you attend again?

“Yes 100% catch me buying the early bird tickets!”


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