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Festivals are so expensive, how do you afford it?

Great question. This is about to be the worst advice I ever give you so listen up. I am a poor, irresponsible college student who should not have access to a credit card, but I do. So there you go, that is how I afford it. I put it on my credit card, and pay it off eventually. Here’s some good advice, PAY OFF YOUR CREDIT CARD. (more than just the minimum every month)

Save yourself the stress, and put away some money every paycheck or every month or whenever you feel like it towards fun events like festivals!

Payment plans! 

Many festivals offer payment plans. The monthly rate differs depending on when you purchased your ticket aka the sooner you get it, the smaller the payments are.

Don’t want to pay?

You can always volunteer! Most to all festivals have different volunteer positions from production to ticket scanning. Usually, volunteers have to work 4-8 hours a day for each day of the festival. Many of the festivals let you decide what performances you want to see and will set your schedule so you are able to see your favorite artists!

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