Burning Man: Tips & Tricks

Here’s some tips & tricks brought to you by local burners around the area. You won’t be able to find all of these on the Survival Guide, so check it out and share with your friends!

  • Good firm ziplock bags to keep your ice and food in.
  • Get as much as the extraneous packaging off your food before you go and put it in ziplocks so it doesn’t get watered down.
  • Put your ice in other ziplock baggies so when it melts, you got nice ice cold water.
  • A good rule of thumb is to make sure you are back at your camp when the sun is about four fingers above the horizon, about 6pm. It gives you time to come back to camp with enough light to eat food and change into your nighttime clothes because it is going to get chilly.
  • Make sure you wear something warm at night.
  • When you leave camp, make sure you have your ID, anything you might need for a good time, and a flashlight (it should be a head lamp, keep it around your neck).
  • Make sure you are lit up in someway at night.
    • “We used to walk around looking for people having sex in the dark playa, and we would chuck a glowstick at them and try getting it right between the gap so they didn’t become a speed bump!”
  • Bring lots of batteries because you are going to share them.
  • Don’t overpack, but don’t under pack.
  • For food, bring bagged ready meals.
    • Cut the corner off the bag, eat it at room temperature, and suck it out. It’s not the best food but once you’re done then you just fold it all up and melt it a little bit with a lighter so it stays small and compact. Then you just have this small little MOOP for your meal, and you don’t have to wash anything.
  • Bring utensils and plates because people will feed you.
  • Never leave without your cup.
  • Bring an open cup for bars, a closed cup for bikes with ice water in it, a camelbak, and a big jug for ice and cocktails to share.
  • Make sure you take people’s IDs when you give away alcohol. There’s a police presence.
  • Always drive the speed limit.
  • Never give drugs to anybody that is asking for drugs unless you have already seen them take drugs in front of you.
  • If a cop asks to bring him back to your tent, bring him to the location of the ACLU camp. American Civil Liberties Union, it’s a bunch of lawyers and they will detain the cop or find a ranger.
  • Be careful of who you bring back to your camp.
  • Follow your instincts.
  • Don’t take more than you can handle.
    • The Hunter S. Thompson Method works best. Take everything out of your right pocket if you are right-handed or vice versa. Write “it’s only a drug” on a nice firm piece of paper with a marker, fold it up, and put it in your pocket. If anything starts going awry or you feel like you might be able to fly, just tap your pocket, feel the paper, and it will ground you again.
  • A great place to hide your keys is in the pocket of your tent, and don’t touch it for the rest of the burn.
  • Gift a shower, a foot rub, or a foot soak. Anything that makes people feel more comfortable.
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