10 tips to Coachella

Coachella is this weekend and as we are all anxiously waiting for set times to come out, here’s a few tips I pulled together from around the inter web to rock Coachella! Ask around or just scroll down to see how to make the most of Coachella! (Most tips applicable to campers)

  1. Shower at night, afternoon, or really really early. The showers get packed in the mornings, but they are available at night too with less of a line! Or… don’t shower at all and bring baby wipes and dry shampoo.
  2. Set the schedule as your phone’s lock screen so you don’t waste battery opening your phone to check where to go to next! If you plan on just using your phone for pictures and not communicating, put it in airplane mode to save battery.
  3. Time stamp your messages! Texts get lost and end up sending way later due to the lack of service at most places. Time stamp them so your friends aren’t meeting you at the meeting spot an hour after you were already there.
  4. Don’t put important items in your back pocket. Sadly, some people are fun ruiners. It’s also really easy to be pick pocketed from a backpack so just keep track of your stuff and watch out for those around you!
  5. Dust mask or bandana. Especially for those weekend 2 folks.
  6. See who YOU want to see. Do not let your friends hold you back. If you want to see something they don’t, ditch them and meet back later. Trust me, you won’t regret it!
  7. Pin your parking spot! I found this online and it helps a lot of people if you ain’t camping where your car is parked. By the time you have to leave, you will be so exhausted that the last thing you want to be doing is walking around looking for your car.
  8. Bring a sweater. It get’s chilly!
  9. Check out other areas besides the main stages. There are so many other things to do including  art, ferris wheel, food, Do Lab, Heineken House, Silent Disco, etc.
  10. Drink and Eat. IMPORTANT! Personally, I’m super cheap and hate buying food at festivals due to lines, waits, and $$$ so end up eating dry, not toasted bagels for four days. HOWEVER, the food is a pretty big deal.

To those heading to the Polo Fields this weekend, have so much fun!!! I’ll be there weekend 2 and I’m stoked!!!

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